“Stop holding on to me”

mmBut it is right that Mary Magdalene hears Do not touch me, since she weeps on earth for the Lord, and looks for his corpse in the tomb, to such an extent that she does not know that he is reigning in heaven with the Father. Do not touch me, that is, “Do not pay homage with the touch of your flesh to the one whom you ought to have touched with the touch of faith, and do not presume to touch him on earth as if he were only a man, since you do not yet have the wisdom to adore him as God in heaven”…

“Let the breadth of your heart grasp my Ascension so that you may enjoy completely the blessedness of touching me eternally in heaven, according to the words of the prophet: Blessed is the man whose help is from you, Lord; in his heart is the ascent to you. The one on earth who does not ascend by faith to Christ in heaven does not touch Christ with his hand.”

Saint Peter Chrysologus (450 A.D.), Doctor of the Church, was the archbishop of Ravenna, Italy.
(Magnificat, April 2015, 49)