Food Drive – Saturday, May 2nd

Hi Neighbors.
Volunteers are needed to to help out with a food drive to supply the various food pantries throughout the Rockaways.

Our Spring Food Drive is all set for Saturday,May 2nd. About 4,000 blue collection bags have been distributed between Bch 117 St and Bch 149 St.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the blue bags distribution. Now we need to collect the food in a safe and responsible manner.

We will need twice as many volunteers as usual to spread out the work and maximize social distancing. I am hoping to have enough volunteers so that nobody is responsible for more than one block (bay to ocean).

For each block we will need one person driving a vehicle while at least two other people walk on opposite sides of the street collecting donations and loading them into the vehicle. This sounds like an ideal job for a family (mom or dad drives the car while the rest of the family collects the donations). We can also group individual volunteers together as we have done in the past.
After all the donations on a block are collected only one person needs to drive the donations to the designated food pantry where they will be met by a team dedicated to unloading the donations. The driver doesn’t even need to get out of the vehicle.

The unloading team will take the donations from the vehicles and stack them OUTSIDE the food pantry. None of our volunteers will enter any of the food pantry buildings. The food pantries will have their own volunteers who will bring the donations into the pantries.

All of our volunteers will be required to wear face coverings and gloves and to follow all recommended social distancing guidelines at all times. We have a limited supply of gloves and face masks for volunteers who might need them.

The need to supply food pantries at this time is critical. I truly believe that we can conduct this food drive in a safe and responsible manner.

That being said, I do not want anyone unnecessarily putting themselves or their loved ones at risk. If you are caring for an elderly relative or someone with underlying health issues it might be wise for you to sit this one out. I only want volunteers who are 100% comfortable with helping out.

So if you are interested in helping out on May 2nd please text Mike Lee at 718-986-0885 or email Mike Lee at

We need drivers and large vehicles (pickup trucks/vans/jeeps). If you don’t have a large vehicle you can be paired up with someone who does. We need to know if other family members will be coming with you.

Teams of three or more will be assigned to each block. You will be notified by email or text what your assigned block is and where you will be bringing your donations. We will NOT be meeting in the schoolyard as we have done in the past. Collections will commence no earlier than 10AM on Saturday, May 2nd.

So when you volunteer I need to know if you are coming with or without a vehicle and whether you will have other family members helping out. If you need gloves or face masks let me know that also. If there is a particular person or persons you would like to work with please include those preferences. Once I know how many volunteers and vehicles we have I will make up teams and send out the assignments.

Thank you in advance for volunteering to help feed people who desperately need our help.

Mike Lee