Calling on Mary in Prayer and Song

mary-angelsCHILD; Most kind Mother of God, Virgin Mary, I beg you, deign now and always to show to me, who am your poor and weak servant, your fidelity and the utterly sweet love that has always filled you. I ask you to instill into the depths of my heart drops of the sweetness that you carried in your bosom and preserved hidden in your womb.

Then I shall be able to love you with a pure and undivided heart, and to praise you with great devotion and above all things, O Blessed Mother, together with your only Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ. From this I shall receive a great blessing, namely, that through all the days of my earthly life I may serve you and your only Son with a long and fervent spirit.

Virgin Mary, golden rose, wholly sweet and beautiful, I ask that my insistent prayers may reach you. By means of them I knock at the door of your dwelling in the house of the Lord, trusting in your generous mercy now and in every trial, because you are the Mother of mercy and through you sinners obtain their greatest hope of forgiveness.

But your kindness and your fidelity are greater than we can possibly grasp here on earth, for you are far beyond all praise and the glory even of the Saints, and you surpass in sweetness and gentleness even the Angels, O Blessed Virgin and revered Lady.

If this were not so, how could you pour into the wretched and sinners such great, sweet consolation? How could you communicate so great a hope of forgiveness? On the other hand, you could never fail to do so, because for nine months you carried Jesus Christ, the fountain of infinite goodness, in your womb.

You are the jewel of heaven, the delight and joy of all the Saints, the golden pillow of the Saint of Saints, the joy and expectation of the ancient Patriarchs.

Through you, Blessed Mother and Virgin foretoken in an extraordinary way, all who ask for God’s mercy are promised and given the forgiveness of sins, the glory of the children of God, and endless happiness in the kingdom of heaven.

Mary, you are the brightest star that shines in the heavens, Queen of heaven, and Mistress of the world. No virgin filled with heavenly virtue can be compared with your virginal beauty, because, after your only Son, Jesus, you are the first of all the Saints.

You are also the noblest creature whom God the Father foresaw before all the ages and created in the fullness of time so that you might be the Virgin Mother of your only-begotten Son. Him you brought forth with incredible joy as an indescribable and everlasting miracle for the salvation of all believers.

O ever-Virgin Mary, you have been appointed Mediatrix for all the world, and the entire human race praises, glorifies, venerates you beyond all others. It loves you deeply with great jubilation of heart and pure affection.

You are the incomparably beautiful Queen of all virgins, and every heavenly and earthly creature, whom God created for the paris and glory of His exalted Name, sings the sweetest melodies in thanksgiving to you.

(The Imitation of Mary, Thomas a` Kempis, Chapter 4)